Health Strategies & Solutions Merges with DGA Partners

We have merged with DGA Partners to form a single healthcare management consultancy, to be known as Veralon Partners. DGA was founded in 1994, and like HS&S, is extremely committed to the success of its clients. The two firms have many complementary services. Learn more

Helping Health Care Providers Achieve Remarkable Growth and Change

Health Strategies & Solutions, Inc., is the nation’s leading health care strategy firm.  As industry experts and thought leaders in strategic planning, merger and affiliation planning, leadership strategies, program planning, physician strategies, ambulatory care, facility planning and development, and pediatric and children's hospital planning, we know that strategy is what drives organizational change and growth.  In a volatile industry like health care, it will be the organizations with clarity of direction and strategy that have the greatest chance of thriving in the communities they serve.

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Introducing Strategy University

Introducing Strategy University Visit our new Strategy University for the latest news, provider case studies, and forum discussions.

Facility and Operations Planning for Campus Expansion

08/22/2013 - Stanford Hospital & Clinics

In preparation for a major hospital addition scheduled to open in 2018, Stanford engaged HS&S to pro

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