Strategic Planning and Execution

At Health Strategies & Solutions, we believe that organizations that look to the future and plan to meet change head on will have a better chance of thriving – even when dynamic market conditions and uncertainties about health care reform are front and center. For many health care organizations, previously crafted strategies must now be reexamined, and, in some cases, a strategic makeover or overhaul may be needed to reorient the organization to the new realities of the reformed marketplace.

Growth will not necessarily mean getting bigger, but rather making sure that all of the pieces are in place to provide coordinated care at lower costs.  Health care organizations in crowded markets may need to contemplate affiliation strategies and carefully assess the benefits, risks, and long-term commitment to integration that these choices bring.

We also recognize that strategy without effective execution is a promise unmet and an opportunity lost.  Organizational leaders who will be charged with plan execution are involved throughout our strategic planning process so that ownership of strategies and action plans occurs and momentum is sustained during the critical transition from planning to action.


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